Going Green

green-1280x800-1024x640As you know, we have been working hard to be a green program—to provide the safest and healthiest environment for our children. Recently, we received a certificate of commendation for using the Go Green Rating Scale for Early Childhood Settings (GGRS), and we are proud to display it. You can find it above the bulletin board to your right when you come in the front door.

We chose to use the Go Green Rating Scale because it helps us measure and improve the environmental health of our program—and we will continue to use the rating scale on an ongoing basis to make sure our program is staying on track.

The rating scale includes sixty-four items that define and allow us to determine our current level of greenness. This tool has helped us become more environmentally healthy in the following areas:

• Administration—we have a green team and incorporate environmental health into  our ongoing staff development efforts.

• Green living and stewardship—we recycle and have reduced our energy use.

• Cleaners and disinfectants—we clean and disinfect with products and processes that are healthiest for children.

• Body-care and hygiene products—we protect children from harsh chemicals in soaps, lotions, and other products.

• Air-quality management—we have reduced asthma triggers.

• Lead—children are not exposed to toxic lead while in our care.

• Plastics—we do not use plastics made with chemicals that can be harmful to children’s bodies.

• Pesticides—we are prepared to address occasional pest problems indoors and outdoors in ways that protect children from both the pests and pesticides.

• Other Contaminants—we monitor the facility for fertilizer use, fire retardants, treated lumber, and mercury.

If you want to learn more about the Go Green Rating Scale for Early Childhood Settings, please ask us and/or visit www.gogreenratingscale.org.