Tiny Green Trees Forest School

Tiny Green Trees Forest School

Tiny Green Trees Forest School

921 N 49th Street

Milwaukee, WI

Inside /OUTside Learning Pods at Tiny Green Trees Forest School

Tiny Green Trees Nature Based Childcare has been in operation for 7 years this December. We are centrally located in Milwaukee and have successfully guided children ages 0-10 years of age in nature, with nature and for nature, year round.

This winter we are preparing to open and run a new type of environmental childcare program at our second location at the Sacred Heart Croatian Parish school building adjacent to Doyne Park. This program will be created to support working families with elementary aged children that need daytime childcare, virtual learning support, social and emotional development opportunities while spending as much time outdoors as possible. The inside/ OUTside learning pods will be located on the grounds of Sacred Heart and in the school building located at 921 N. 49th Street when needed. Outdoor living classroom spaces are being created and a team of expert educators with a diverse background in outdoor education and ecology will be guiding this program. Small groups of 8 children will make up learning pods by grade and possibly schools. The schedule will be broken up by their assigned school day schedule with plenty of outdoor fresh air, playtime, and environmental discovery.
Furthermore, we have learned that the Wisconsin Shares program is providing financial support to working families (in the field AND for at home workers). The financial support will pay for the childcare tuition so parents and guardians can continue their professional obligations. LINK for tuition support. Tiny Green Trees is a certified and licensed center that accepts WI Shares payments.

If you are interested in learning more and would like to add your name and grade of your child to our communication list, we can keep you posted with the developments.

Please email me directly with any questions: Kellyaubin@gmail.com

“The concept of nature-based education has been in fairly wide use throughout Scandinavia, Germany, and the United Kingdom for decades. It has just started to gain traction in the United States due in part to a best-selling 2005 book by journalist Richard Louv arguing that a lack of outdoor time is bad for kids.” — The Boston Globe

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