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Tiny Green Trees is part of a growing movement of nature-based childcare centers across the country and was one of the first of its kind in Wisconsin. We help set the standard for high-quality, nature-centered approaches to early childhood education.

Our method of blending age-appropriate nature education with peer-to-peer engagement, social and emotional learning, and emerging math and literacy skills, is life-changing not just for families, but for staff. 

Teachers in our program use nature to help foster their own teaching skills, build deeper relationships with their students and colleagues, and ease their own stress levels as they spend time each day in green space. 

We are in search of like-minded, enthusiastic early childhood professionals looking to grow alongside us. We desire educators who want to play, engage, and be part of a larger conversation about ways to unite nature and early childhood education. We seek teachers who care about social justice, who are eager to improve or apply their own nature knowledge, and who will splash in the rain puddles with the children!

Our competitive benefits and our refreshing, team-based approach to Early Childhood Education is the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to keep learning while bringing the knowledge, skills, and experience that also allow you to share your gifts!

Now Accepting Applications

Every member of our teaching staff must adhere to state licensing requirements for paperwork, training, and continuing education. This includes a mandated background and fingerprint check upon offer of employment.


Welcomed Skill Sets

Wilderness First Responders. Trauma-informed Educators. Naturalists. Certified Trackers.  Ethnobotanists. State-Certified Teachers. Swordsmen.  Experts of Play. Environmental Protectors. Outdoorsmen. Wilderness Guides. Indigenous Educators. Story Tellers. Entrepreneurs. Combat Veterans. Parents. Students. EduLARP Nerds.  Musicians. Historians. Chefs and  Philanthropists.