Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity Equity

Through our work with the children, we celebrate the people, places, and cultures of our surrounding communities and the land we share.  We intentionally commit to the values of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice to achieve our vision as a healthy place to work, learn, and play.  Through our collective and deliberate efforts, the Tiny Green Trees community acts in solidarity with an appreciation for all our families, colleagues, and the natural world around us.  We know that we can accomplish far more together than alone.

How We Support Environmental Justice

Over the past few years, the term Environmental Justice has emerged as a kind of confluence between three rivers. The first of those rivers is Environmental Connection, which includes developing a personal relationship with the natural world. So many people today are disconnected from nature, and we are paying the price for this disconnection, especially when it comes to our physical, emotional, and mental health. 

At Tiny Green Trees, connection to nature includes opportunities for peace and quiet in beautiful spaces. It includes playing with others and being silly, with nature providing the perfect playspace for children who want to jump in puddles, build fairy homes, leap from logs, and laugh.

We weave nature into our curriculum by using the outdoor classroom to explore concepts in math, science, engineering, and literacy. We study cycles and systems. We ensure that our teachers receive ongoing professional development in nature skills and subjects. Most of all, we recognize that nature supports, and nurtures, healthy, whole child development and so we integrate it into all areas of learning.

The second river is Conservation. This means developing a mindset that includes the next generation, and the one after that. It means taking action to protect and preserve all living species, not just ourselves. We promote environmental conservation by using green materials; revitalizing outdoor green spaces; composting; planting; and being mindful of what we eat and where it comes from. We stand beside water protectors, climate activists, and all those who reduce, reuse, recycle, and upcycle in an effort to lower our collective environmental footprint. We strive to be ethical, responsible members of the larger Milwaukee community. 

The third river is Social Justice, which includes the need to support and engage historically marginalized communities in equitable, uplifting, and affirming experiences. At Tiny Green Trees, we strive to create safe and welcoming environments for all. We want to help ensure that children and families with a wide range of backgrounds, identities, and experiences have safe access to healthy, green, and growing spaces, as well as time to play, learn, and relax in nature. 

Combined, these three rivers create a powerful channel that comprises Environmental Justice. We hope that by providing an early foundation, nature will continue to play an important role in the lives of our children and families, inspiring their actions and decisions long after they leave our program.