Our Tiny Team

Kelly Aubin Belot

Tiny Green Trees
Executive Director

Ms. Kelly Aubin Belot and her husband Jeremy Belot own and created Tiny Green Trees for their children. They have three boys and have lived in both of the Tiny Green Trees neighborhoods.   Kelly has her Bachelor’s degree in Art Education, a Master’s degree in Studio Art and a second Master’s degree in Education.  She taught in the public school system for 16 years as a high school educator and as an adjunct instructor at  Alverno College for 2 years.  She has studied many different educational philosophies and has an appreciation for a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. She considers herself a lifetime learner, and artist and  activist as well as an environmental enthusiast.

Ms. Kaisee

Story Hill Location

Ms Kaisee has been the co-director of Tiny Green Trees since July 2019 after working as a Lead Teacher in Suite Pea (preschool classroom). She has been in early childhood education since 2015. Miss Kaisee received her Masters degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Learning and Development from UW-Milwaukee. She has fallen in love with nature-based education and frequently attends continuing education opportunities related to this field. Miss Kaisee’s favorite activity to lead with the children is tree climbing. She enjoys watching the children explore their limits and boundaries, while listening to the expectations set by the lead teacher. In her free time, Miss Kaisee enjoys spending time with friends and family, hiking, rock climbing, photography, and traveling to new places.

Miss Chrissy

Story Hill Location

Miss Chrissy grew up in Nuremberg, Germany where she attended college and obtained a degree in Nursing. In her nursing career she focused on face and ear acupuncture and healing the human soul in nature. She immigrated to the United States in 2014 and has been working as an early childhood educator since 2017. Previously she taught advanced German at the German Language School of Milwaukee (Deutsche Schule). She says, “You had a good day when you came home with muddy clothes, if your clothes weren’t dirty you didn’t play hard enough. Here in the US, we need to bring our children back outside and raise them to be strong and healthy.” In her free time Miss Chrissy enjoys being outside, reading books about Rudolf Steiner and she likes to upcycle old wool sweater into children’s clothes for her daughter Iris.

Miss Thomesha

Assistant Director / Teacher
Story Hill Location

Ms. Thomesha was born in Chicago, IL. She has been caring for children for over 17+ years and is a Master Trainer of Teachers following her successful completion of the Department of Workforce Development Apprenticeship Program.  She has decided to continue her passion for working with children by setting her goal to complete an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education at MATC. Ms. Thomesha also grew her skill set by obtaining a certificate for the new course “Urban Nature Based Early Childhood Education” at Alverno, taught by Mr. Matt Flower from the Urban Ecology Center.  Aside from her role as a teacher of all ages and stages, Thomesha is the mother of three daughters  Aviona, Jahniece, and Jia as well as grandmother!

After many years in the field and working within schools with different curricular approaches she has developed an appreciation for working outside, in nature, with nature, and for nature.  She understands the importance of child development and how children have a natural instinct to love the outdoors and all it offers.

Christine Rollins

payroll specialist

Christine Rollins has been our bookkeeper/payroll specialist for three years. She owns her own business in the Lake Country area where she provides bookkeeping and payroll services to small business owners. She is also a wedding officiant in the state of Wisconsin and has officiated several wedding ceremonies in the past year. Christine is also passionate about the nature based childcare we offer, as she was most recently a Director of Religious Education for Children at a Unitarian Universalist Church which used the Spirit Play (Montessori inspired) curriculum. Christine lives in Oconomowoc with her teen daughter. They enjoy biking, gardening, reading, cooking, traveling, and their two cats.

Christine works remotely so please feel free to email her at admin@tinygreentrees.com if you have any questions regarding your monthly invoices.