Our Nature-based Curriculum

At Tiny Green Trees, we believe in an interdisciplinary approach to learning, using hands-on investigations in nature to introduce a range of topics

Nature allows us to develop STEM and literacy content, to foster thinking and reasoning skills, and to meet and exceed the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards in ways that are relevant and authentic. Worksheets don’t inspire wonder. But engaging with nature almost always does. Wonder, in turn, inspires inquiry, and drives the desire to learn even more.

Earth-Inspired Learning

We use the natural world to introduce topics that support our mission of environmental connection. We model sustainability in all that we do. Developing an environmental ethic does not happen in one-off lessons. It comes from seeing it in action in daily and consistent ways. We use green products. We talk about where our food comes from. We compost, recycle, and engage in age-appropriate projects like gardening. 

At Tiny Green Trees, we nurture the developmental needs of children while introducing them to a larger world. We engage their interests, develop their skills, and prepare them for school by exploring academic topics in ways that are fun, engaging, and aligned with state standards and assessments. We model sustainability through daily routines and practices. We participate in Environmental Justice by ensuring that children and families of all backgrounds and abilities have access to joyful, safe, and welcoming experiences in nature.

Nurturing Minds, Embracing Nature

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